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About Our Study

The primary purpose of this study is to develop a risk stratification model for children with concussion. A risk stratification model will help healthcare providers understand who is at more or less risk for complications after a concussion. The study will examine symptoms, the body’s biologic response, and how individuals with concussions feel it impacts their day-to-day life and schooling. Participants will be asked questions about their symptoms, their thoughts about their concussion’s impact on themselves and their schooling, and will also provide saliva samples. These activities will be performed over a period of twelve months.  Information we collect may help us better understand the consequences of concussion, which will begin to help us better understand what we may need to do in the future to develop treatments for concussion.

Why are we doing this research?

Faculty focus: Dr. Karin Reuter-Rice
Dr. Karin Reuter-Rice discusses her research work with TBI
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